While designing the Learning by Design education model, our team engaged with families in the community to gain a better understanding of what families wanted and needed for their children. Below are the responses from over 75 families surveyed in South Los Angeles:

Of over 75 families surveyed:

  • 82% believe that Personalized Learning could have a positive impact on their child’s learning
  • 90% believe that a Hands-on/Project-based learning format could have a positive impact on their child’s learning
  • 64% agreed that the Learning by Design educational model could effectively address specific educational needs of their children

Statements made by Parents:

  • “I wish someone saw my unique gifts as a child and helped me develop my learning technique. I can only imagine how much more enjoyable school would have been if I didn't feel inadequate about not catching on as quickly as some of the "best" students in the class. A model like Learning by Design would have allowed me to progress at my own pace resulting in my own personal success, not a success based on a comparison to other students.”
  • “I'm still in inquiry about what my child has an educational inclination for. I'm not sure if she will do better with a more traditional style or if she will thrive in a project based learning model. Either way, I do feel that she would benefit from a more modern approach to learning, one that is relevant to the technology driven future. Learning by Design appears to be responding to this shift in our society.”
  • “My son has some learning disabilities and would greatly benefit from a personalized learning curriculum that goes at a pace specific to his academic needs.” 

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