Ways to Support Learning by Design


Dear Learning by Design Community,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, our 2nd year as a community here at Learning

by Design Charter School. We are so very happy to be a part of this community providing

a new and innovative learning experience for our children. We are even more thrilled and

proud of the families that have chosen to join us on this educational journey. In this short

amount of time, we have accomplished so much. Yet, there is still so much more for us to do.

And this is where we need YOUR help to ensure we accomplish our goals.


The teaching and learning journey we are embarking on is not traditional. Research and

data show that to ensure our children are prepared and ready to compete for the jobs

and careers of tomorrow, we MUST do school differently today. The Learning by Design

learning model is developing skills, talents, knowledge and character traits in our

students that will greatly enhance their current and future lives. But, this kind of learning

experience comes at a cost. It requires an investment in making sure our staff has the

training, materials and equipment, and expertise needed to provide an excellent

learning environment as well as making sure our students have access to the most

current, updated, state of the art resources, curriculum and experiences possible. And,

as we know public education is already severely under-funded. It is very difficult if not

impossible for a public school to thrive under the current funding structure. So, imagine

how hard it is for a school committed to providing more current, updated and innovative

educational practices.


Add to that the fact that we are a new charter school. The start-up costs for a new

school (purchasing of school furniture, required curriculum, classrooms materials, new

technology and equipment, and training for teachers, etc.) are an added expense that

already established schools do not have to worry about. That being said, our start-up costs

along with our commitment to innovative education practices comes with a hefty price tag.

It is a price tag that we are committed to because our kids deserve it. So, in order to remain

fully committed to the mission and vision of Learning by Design without cutting corners or

compromising the learning experience for our kids, we need YOUR help.


Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our first fundraiser, Grow LbD. Grow

LbD is the first major school fundraiser that we are embarking on this year and it

requires us to work together to meet the lofty financial goals that we have for our school.

This year, we need to raise a total of $132,500!


I bet you are wondering: “Why is the goal so BIG?” The answer is simple - we have BIG

dreams and goals for our school and our kids!


Here are some specific ways your gifts can help Learning by Design:  

• Paying for Associate Teachers in each classroom: Small student/teacher ratios

is our goal. Each class has a minimum of 2 teachers (Lead Teacher and

Associate Teacher). This is how we are able to give each student the personalized attention

they need to ensure academic success and socio-emotional support and development. Help

us keep 4 Associate Teachers in the classrooms at our school ($60,000).

• Support our #STEAM Maker Space and Design Lab. This is where the magic happens!

The students engage in technological, engineering, coding and design activities

on a regular basis. We need more iPads, 3D printers, arduinos, laser cutters,

Virtual Reality equipment, and more. This also requires the expertise and

focused attention of one Innovation Specialist  ($25,000).

• Support our After School Program. Not only are we providing after care for ALL of our

students, we are providing them with enrichment classes like art, sports, STEAM,

music and mindfulness classes to enrich their daily experiences ($10,000).

• As we all know, Art and Music has been taken out of public schools due to

funding cuts. We are committed to bringing and keeping Art and Music at our

school. Help us keep both our Art and Music Teachers as well as all of the

supplies, materials, and instruments they need ($30,000).

• Zen Room for our Students. With a focus on more Restorative and Mindfulness

practices as a way to develop and empower our students, we have a designated space for

children to use to cool down, reset, self-reflect, and engage in mindfulness practices as needed.

We need to “zen” this space out with soft and warm rugs, furniture, yoga mats, and

“cool down” activities ($2,500).

• Parent Center. Our Parents bring magic to our school but, we need a place for

our parents to meet to make the magic happen. Help us make a special place for our

families to meet to plan fundraising events and school celebrations ($2,500).

• Teacher Resource Center. Our teachers are the backbone of our school. They work

hard everyday to ensure our student’s success. They need and deserve a special place

to plan, collaborate, prepare lessons and projects and simply come together to relate,

relax and release when needed. This space will also need materials and equipment to

support the learning efforts. ($2,500)


To donate today please click on the link below. Please also share this link with your friends,

family, neighbors and community members to encourage them to donate as well. Thank you,

in advance, for your continued support. We appreciate you and look forward to a continued

partnership with you and your family!

With Respect and in Partnership,


The Learning by Design Charter School Community

With your help, we will maintain and build a safe and vibrant campus; serve as a community center, share our innovative approach with other schools, and continue to develop our staff as well as our instruction. We appreciate any and all donations and they are tax deductible; you can contribute to our general fund or sponsor a specific program.



LbD is a 501c(3) Public Benefit Corporation.

Other Ways to Give:
  • Friends of LBD (501c3)
  • Network for Good
  • Amazon Smiles
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Direction Donation (PayPal)
  • Volunteering

Thank You To Our Donors

The Saul Brandman Foundation

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Natalie Ryder, Redcross

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Jeanette Madden

Angel Christmas

The Harris Family

Charletta Johnson 

The Isaacs Family

Bruce and Tiffany Simms

Tony and Stacie Palka

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We would like to thank Future Generations Now for selecting Learning by Design as one of the recipients of a $5,000 grant to prepare for the unprecedented start of the 2021-2022 school year with Distance Learning during the COVID-19 crisis. These funds will help LBD provide hotspots and chromebooks to our students. Thank you FGN!