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  • Charter schools are public schools.

  • Enrollment is open to any resident of the state of California.

  • No person shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, or disability as set forth in Education Code Section §47605(d)(1).

  • Applications are currently available in the main office or by clicking on the link above.



In accordance with state and federal laws as well as our charter the following preferences shall be given in the lottery (public random drawing):

  • Students residing within the boundaries of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • Children of current LbD staff and board members, as well as children of Founding Parents of LbD (not to exceed 10% of total enrollment).

  • Students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch (for more information, visit

  • Students who reside within the boundaries of 74th Street Elementary School attendance area (meaning 74th Street Elementary is their 'school of residence' which is defined by LAUSD and can be determined by entering the address in resident school finder).



Please note that if you are extended an offer for enrollment through one of the preferences above, you will need to provide supporting documentation in the enrollment packet to accept the enrollment offer. A verification of this will be done prior to finalizing your child’s enrollment. If your child was offered enrollment via a preference and LbD deems that the child does not qualify, your child's offer will be revoked and they will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

Parents who turned in lottery forms will be notified via email or letter of the date and time of the public drawing for the 2020-21 Lottery.  

Lottery spaces will be pulled in order of grade level by an impartial staff member. The lottery procedure will be monitored by the Executive Director to ensure fair and accurate implementation. As names are pulled, students will be assigned a number corresponding to the number of enrollment slots. Once a grade level is drawn to capacity, applications will continue to be drawn for position on a waitlist.