The Directors' Welcome


On behalf of the Learning by Design school community, we welcome our new students and their parents to the 2018—2019 school year. Learning by Design is an Elementary School that is committed to meeting the needs of each student, but ultimately each student will gain from school according to the effort they apply. To increase the degree of educational success, it is important that teachers, parents, and administrators communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students. With increasing accountability and laws regarding student achievement, retention, promotion, it is essential that we form a partnership to ensure the success of your student.


The Learning by Design family is committed to creating and promoting a positive relationship between the home and school. Newsletters, regular conferences, parent nights, and direct contact with parents are part of these efforts. Parents and students are encouraged to initiate their own contact whenever necessary.


Let's work together! We encourage parents and caregivers to become actively involved in your child's school experience at Learning by Design Charter School. Our goal is academic excellence and with your help, We are sure this inaugural year will be one of the school’s very best!



The Directors' Team

Ernie, Charla, Carman, and Charletta

Meet Our Team


David Aroche

Campus Aide


Pauline Comendador

TK/K Kinder


Phelondra Clifford

Art & Innovation Specialist


Heather Deno

3rd Grade Teacher


Lucia Gamez

2nd Grade Teacher


Diana Garcia

Operations Manager


Alberto Gonzalez

4th Grade Teacher


Charla Harris

Executive Director


Kiana Hensen

1st Grade Teacher

Tawny Website Pic.jpg

Tawny Laskar



Kendall McCarthy

5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Lopez

Office Manager/ Operations Support


Sammie Rollins

Plant Manager