Sometimes The Journey Is Hard But It Is Worth The Effort.

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Well, we’ve made it through our 2nd month and we’re all still here! Thank you for hanging in there with us as we continue to build the learning community of all of our dreams. This mission is not easy, but with all of us supporting this venture, providing consistent and thoughtful feedback, sharing innovative ideas, and remaining positive and focused on our goals, we are destined to succeed.

Since opening in August, LbD has been on the fast track to making sure each of your children are receiving exactly what they need academically, creatively, socially, and emotionally. This is our mission and our team is working tirelessly to make sure we achieve this goal. Now that we’ve made it over the “new school” hump and are settling in, expect to see and hear more about how your children are growing, developing, achieving and succeeding everyday! If you haven't already, please join ClassDojo to receive regular updates on student progress and TalkingPoints to receive school announcements.

What’s Happening Now!

Our students flexing their engineering skills to build a machine that "creates art". (#LbDSTEAMpower)

Academic achievement is the foundational goal and focus for every school. LbD is no different. However, we also know the importance of supporting the whole child to ensure academic success. Thus, we have also included in our mission to provide targeted socio-emotional support for every child that expresses this need. Our team is staffed with experts that provide one to-one counseling intervention on an as need basis or as requested by families. This also includes working with families to receive the insight needed to provide the most effective intervention possible. As well, in response to socio-emotional support, parents have expressed wanting to hold a Parent Support Group. LbD supports this. Please stay tuned for more information if you are interested in participating in this group.

Our School Site Council is up and running. This team is critical to the continued growth of our school. If you have questions or want your voice to be heard with how we develop and expand LbD, please join us at these meetings. This is where we will be discussing and planning student achievement and reviewing student data, fundraising, community outreach, school programming and events, parent support and more.

LbD is striving to be different than the traditional school. In order to be different, we must do things differently. In order to ensure that our team does things differently, we must train them. LbD is working consistently to train and build the capacity of our team to to provide the highest quality education that you and tour children deserve. This training includes Project-based Learning, Personalized Learning, Restorative Justice practices, and more. As the year progresses, you will see the fruits of our labor in the form of more student driven hands-on projects, advanced academic achievement, improved confidence in personal expression, and more positive outcomes in character development of our children.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • After School--- Our After School Program is moving full “STEAM” ahead. Two of our partners, “Math Solutions” and “STEM to the Future” are with our students developing their design, engineering, and robotics skills. Soon, students will also receive homework help and engage in Mindfulness practices after school. Stay Tuned!(#LbdSTEAMpower)

  • School Discipline and Handling Conflicts--- Please know that bullying and student conflicts are something LbD takes very seriously. We have a “Zero Tolerance” Policy for bullying. While we address every issue immediately, we also have a goal of teaching each student to advocate for themselves and to appropriately resolve conflict. We will be sharing more about our methods and policies at the next SSC meeting, October 17.

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