Its the Start of an Amazing Journey

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Our doors just opened and we are already doing great things; we started strong and plan on getting stronger.

Greetings LbD Families and welcome to Learning by Design Charter School! We are honored that you have decided to join our Learning by Design family for the 2018-19 School Year. School has been in session for four weeks and lots has already happened for us at Learning by Design and with your kiddos. We’ll be sharing details throughout the school year, but for now, we’ll just share a little bit more about our school, our school model, our goals, and all that’s coming soon!

Why Did We Start This School?

How Learning by Design Intends to Close the Achievement Gap

While learning by Design is a new school, we are not new educators. Our school was created by experienced educators who saw a problem with how traditional education was treating our children. We knew that the children of South Los Angeles deserved better and more equitable FREE educational options (#chaningeducation).We also understand that the landscape and future of work is changing. Traditional schools today are not preparing students for the workforce of tomorrow. Feeling a deep commitment to the families in this community, we decided to create the education options that we know these students need and deserve to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Our team spent a year traveling to schools around the country observing and researching what other successful schools were doing. We brought those ideas back here and created Learning by Design, a community of dedicated educators who wanted to do school different. We wanted to provide a place where children were loved, nurtured, and respected for their individuality as opposed to trying to make each child fit into a rigid and traditional box. We know that all children are unique and learn differently so we wanted to create a learning environment that supported each child’s learning style and needs to ensure their success. We are an innovative, creative, flexible and family oriented learning environment that believes EVERY child can and will succeed. We intend to work with each family to be sure their child succeeds!(#Lbdschools)

Ways You Can Help LbD Achieve Its Goals and Grow!

• Donate your recyclables to our Maker Space. This includes newspapers, water bottles, cardboard boxes, milk cartons, paper, art supplies, construction paper, Popsicle sticks, etc. • Identify organizations looking to support small schools with in-kind or monetary donations.

• Donate books to our Library. Thank you to the Nan Washington Foundation, Palka Family, Open Charter Magnet School (Red Cluster Teachers), and Simms Family for their gracious donations to our school Library.

• Spread the word about our school. We have space for more students specifically in grades 1-5, so please spread the word and invite families and friends to visit us if they are looking for a small, loving, nurturing, innovative and personalized learning environment for their child.

Important Upcoming Dates

• Back to School Night- September 12, 2018

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