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Cornerstone Program

The program that truly makes Learning by Design stand out from other schools is our Innovation and Design program that takes place in our Maker Space affectionately referred to as “The Lab”. “The Lab” supports all of the innovation, design, technology, creative, building, prototyping, iteration, collaboration and entrepreneurship efforts that our students engage in.

This work is critically important as we aim to prepare students for their future. Learning by Design is keenly aware that our school’s mission and vision surpasses the goal of just teaching our students to excel at reading, writing and math.


We must prepare them to compete and excel in a world where creativity, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship are critical skills to ensure success at the jobs and careers of today and tomorrow (i.e. Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.)

Capstone Projects

Each class owns and/or participates in a grade level Capstone Project for the school year that will ultimately have an impact on the entire school and/or the community outside the school walls. This affords every student the opportunity to have an indelible and positive impact on the school. The Capstone Project will culminate in a final showcase of the students’ work and/or a field trip to finalize the experience for the students. 

Books On Shelf

Annual School-wide Project

Over the years, School-wide projects have included “Los Angeles - The City” and “The Harlem Renaissance - Cardboard City”. All classes own a part of the project that typically includes their work from the Cornerstone Program and/or Capstone Project. Stay tuned to see what genius project our students will produce this year!

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