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Learning by Design believes that all children can achieve. But we know that all children do not achieve in the same way or at the same. So it is our mission to set each child up for success by meeting them where they are and providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in the ways that work best for them.


We also believe that as educators it is our responsibility to educate the whole child. Working collaboratively with students and their families, we intend to create a well-rounded learning environment that encourages students to not only grow academically but to also grow personally, cognitively, socially, and civically. Students will take ownership of their own development as well as that of the overall learning community. Through this experience, students learn the power of their own voice to chart their own path and they develop a deep confidence in their ability to effect change within their community.


We know that life is not fixed… life is fluid and ever-changing, and we want to prepare students to be able to think critically and move more fluidly through this world so that no matter what the world looks like in our future, Learning by Design students will be ready!





All the work we engage in moves us toward our goals without compromise. We work with clarity, transparency, and honesty at all times.


We have an unwavering dedication and sense of responsibility to the success of our students.

We believe that we are our brother’s keeper. Therefore, we can only effectively achieve our goals if we not only embrace the work but also embrace the community for whom and with whom we are working.






We believe that all children can achieve, thus we aim to support our students toward mastery of all of their learning goals.



Learning by Design is not just about the growth and development of our students. We want to constantly be growing and improving our practice by consistency holding ourselves and others on the team accountable for the work that we do and the quality and impact of those efforts




We know there is a better way to educate our youth. And, we are willing to consistently challenge the status quo, step out of our comfort zone and step into the unknown to discover better and improved ways of educating our youth.

Our Pillars
  of Learning

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning customizes instruction for each student using 1-to-1 technology while guiding and empowering students to thoughtfully set and consistently reflect on their own learning targets.

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Experimental Education

Learning by doing. Authentic Projects and Design Thinking activities in a school Maker Space will support critical thinking, collaboration, and innovative design; critical for success in the 21st Century.


Democratic Learning

A Democratic Learning Community is a flexible learning environment that values and promotes respect, trust, equity, socio-emotional wellness, mindfulness and shared-decision making.

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The heart of enrichment is the processes of making and creating. That includes engaging students with music, gardening, health and wellness, maker space and design as well as Design Thinking.

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