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March - June 2023
"Race to the Finish Line”


As a public school, Federal Funds pay for the majority of our standards-based curriculum, traditional books and onsite learning materials. However, Learning by Design is a Project-based, Experiential, Authentic learning school. This means that lots of our teaching and learning takes
place outside of books. Much of our learning takes place via hands-on projects that often times take place outside the walls of our school. Federal Funds do NOT cover these costs. This is where we want to partner with you.


Learning by Design was designed using research of pedagogical best practices. Research says students learn best by doing. So, that’s what we do! Below you can see the varied authentic learning experiences and opportunities we already
provide for our students. But, in order to continue to provide and ultimately expand these learning experiences, we need YOU to partner with us!

Why do we call this partnering? Because we don’t like to ask for hand-outs. In partnerships, all parties play a valuable role in reaching the goals. For the next few months, March -June 2023,
we have a goal to fundraise $50,000 to support our teaching and learning experiences for our students. And, we intend to do our part to reach this goal!


This year our Executive Director has committed to running a total 50 miles between April 1 - June 30. We are calling this our “Race to the Finish Line!” We are asking that her efforts be supported by your tax-deductible donation to one of our fundraising campaigns by donating

directly to one or more of the specific projects or programs below.


However you choose to partner with us, we are grateful for your support for Learning by Design
Charter School and our “Race to the Finish Line” for this 2023 school year


Click on a picture to donate!

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