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Restorative Circles





Trauma-informed Practices


Our teachers/staff are trained on how two conduct Restorative Circles for students. Restorative Circles allow students to problem solve and express their feelings and experiences in a safe and facilitated “circle” to support positive conflict resolution efforts. 

At Learning by Design, we understand that all of us have been impacted by “life” in ways that aren’t always positive. We understand the reality of “life” for all of our students and try to lead with grace and understanding while providing a safe space and nurturing space for all students. 


Calm Classrooms

Teachers use strategies from Calm Classrooms to guide students through mindfulness techniques as needed. 

Responsive Classrooms

Teachers use strategies such a “Logical Consequences” from Responsive Classrooms to manage their classrooms. Responsive Classrooms encourages the teachers to lead from a place encouragement and empowerment and not from a place of control and punishment.

Mental Health Support

Learning by Design offers mental health workshops and intensive mental health support services to families that express a need at any time throughout the school year.

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